Mastee Bharaa Hain - Translation and Lyrics


mastee bharaa hain samaa, hum tum hain dono yahaaThere is fun in the atmosphere, we two are both here
aankhon mein aajaa, dil mein samaa jaa, zoomei jameen aasamaancome into my eyes/sight, live in my heart, the universe is dancing
nele aankh milaa lo je, dil mein aaj chupaa lo jemake your blue eyes look into mine, hide me in your heart
baahon mein baahe daalo je, gir naa jaaye sanbhaalo jeput your arms around me, hold me in case i fall
bhege hawaaon me, ayese fijaaon mein hosh muze hain kahaain the misty breeze, in such winds, how can i be in control
pyaar se pyaar sajaaye chal man ke pyaas buzaaye challets decor our love, let's quench our thirst
pyaar kaa raag sunaaye chal dil kaa saaj bajaaye challet's sing to the tunes of love, lets go
panche bhe gaayenge, sab ko sunaayenge, tere mere daasataathe birds will sing too, will make everyone listen, our story
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