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mit jaaye, jaaye, jaaye, jaayedestroy
mit jaaye yeh jameen, tham jaaye aasmaanearth will destroy, sky will stop
sun le jo gar kahin, yeh meri daastanif they will listen my story
chena mujhe tumne, khushiyon ke aanchal seyou have snatched me from happiness
har zakhm lipta hai, ashkon ke daaman se every grief is embraced to the tears
gham ke andhere hain, ujade savere hainthere is the darkness of grief, and the morning/light is ruined
aankhon mein kirchon se, kyun khwab mere hainlike throns, why there are dreams in my eyes
sone ki sadakon pe chalta raha tan kei was used to walk on the golden roads
kante biche ab hain saaya tera ban ke now throns are there by becoming your shadow
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