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naino mein badaraa chhayerain clouds fill the eyes
bijale se chamake haayelightening flashes, oh my
ayese mein balam mohe,in this instant, my lover
garawaa lagaa lehold me to your chest
madiraa mein doobe aakhiyaanmy eyes heavy with intoxication of love
chanchal hain dono sakhiyaannaughty girldfriends both eyes
chalate rahege tohethey will keep fanning you
palakon ke pyaare pakhiyaanwith eyelashes' beautiful pankhees
sharamaake denge toheshyly they will offer you
madiraa ke pyaalecups of wine
preamadiwaane hoo maii crave for your love
sapanon ke raane hoo maiqueen of dreams, i am
pichale janam se terefrom a previous lifetime,
praem kahaane hoo maii am the tale of your love
aa is janam mein bhe toocome, in this life time, too
apanaa banaa lemake me yours
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