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O Mere Dholna O Mere SaajnaOh my darling, oh my love,
Main Teri Ho Gayee Ishq Wich Kho Gayeei've become yours, i've lost myself in love
kasam loon main rab ki kasam le tu rab kii'll swear by god, you swear by god
kabhi ek duje ka na daaman chodnawe'll never abandon our oath to each other
mera dilbar sona haimy darling is gold precious
sone ko na khona haii cannot lose this gold/wealth
in baahon main jena haii must live in these arms
mil ke judaa na hona haihaving come together, we must not be separated
zara si khushiyaan haithere's joy in this,
zara sa ghum bhi haithere's also a bit of sorrow
samajh ke jaaneman ye naata joodnaonce you've understood this, sweetheart, enter/join this relationship
main raja tu rani hoi'm king, you're queen
aisi prem kahani hothus should our love story go
hoton pe muskane hothere should be a smile on our lips
aankhon mein na pani hono tears in our eyes
tu dil mein rehti haiyou stay in my heart
ye dhadkan kehti haiso say these heartbeats
kaha jo bhi tune woh phirse bol nawhatever you said, say it again, won't you?
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