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oopirage badante telusukunna ee pootetoday I understood what a pain is which stops one's breathe (life)
kaalam aage veelunte aagiponii ee choteeif there is any way to stop the time, let it stop here
premake oka manasunteif love has any heart
danike oo maatunteand if that can speak
nannu ila tanu chostunte oorukone ledanteshe cannot withstand if she happens to see me in this state
preme nerama preme baramais love a crime or is love a burden
edalo mounama chepammaathe silence in the heart, please tell me
ande andama vidiponi bandamais this the beauty within the reach or is it an inseperable bond
nuvvo narakama oo premaais it you or the hell, oh love
naaku nenu eduravutu telchukoni daravtufacing myself always becoming unbelievable way
unnachote untunashould I stay in the place where I am
ee kontha prema chalantuconsidering this little love to be enough
inkontha ekkuvanukuntuthinking a little more of it
gunde kotha chostunnabreaking the heart
preme premanu kadilistundanilove alone can shake love
anukoledu naa manasainaaeven my heart couldn't think of it
okate aatanu otami gelupugafor the single game, failure as victory
aadavenduke oo premaaawhy don't you play oh love
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