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sunta hai mera khudamy god listens
dil-o-jan se chahun tujhko yara dilrubai will love you with my heart and soul darling beloved
yeh zindagi tere lie tere liethis life is for you for you
aur tu mere liedil ki sada haiand you are for me the echo of my heart
sajan sun tu bhi itna ki tu hai mera sapnalove just hear this much that you are my dream
tu hi to meri arzuyou are my only desire
sanam ye baten kaisi kahan meri qismat aisidarling whence such talk where is the great good fortune written in my fate
ki ban jaun teri arzuthat i should become your desire
kaho to main tere age kamar bich gajra bandhe dolun nashili chal seif you say so i ll tie a flower garland around my waist and sway drunkenly before you
ada hae aisi qatil sahega to kaise yeh dilyour grace is so deadly how will my heart bear it
taras khao mere hal petake pity on my state
ye gul bute bhi dil hain yahan kante sab gul hainthese flowers are all hearts here all the thorns are flowers
ye raste hain apne pyar kethese are the paths of our love
hae kahunga par main itnaoh but i will tell you this much
qadam dekhkar hi rakhna kahin koi thokar na lagewatch your step lest you stumble
jo mil gae do dil aise juda ye phir honge kaisewhen two hearts have joined like this how could they ever be separated
hamari kahani hai yehisuch is the story of you and me
mujhe bhi ab kya karna haiwhat else remains for me to do now
tujhi pe jina marna hai ki ab zindagi hai yehii must live and die for you alone this right here is my life
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