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Rabba mere ishq kisi kooh my god let love not
aise na tadpaye hoytrouble anyone like this
dil ki baat rahe is dil mein,the talk of the heart stays in the heart
hothon tak na aaye,let it not come on the lips
na aayelet it not come
tujhe yaad na meri aayemay you not remember me
kisi se ab kya kehnawht should i tell anyone now
dil roya ki ankh bhar aayemy heart cried and my eyes are filled
kisi se ab kya kehnawht should i tell anyone now
tujhe har khushi de dii gave you all happiness
labon ki hansi de dii gave you the smile on your lips
zulfon ki ghata lehraayethe brush of the hair is waving
paigaam wafa ke laayeit brings news of faithfulness
tune achi pret nibhayeu have kept the love truly
wo chand mere gharaangantht moon in my home and pedestals
ab to aayegawill come in
tere soone is aanchal kothis empty shawl of urs
wo bhar jaayegahe will fill
teri kar di god bharaaye,he made your womb full
o mahinyaa, o mahinyaao darling
khata ho gayi mujhsethis was a mistake i made
kaha kuch nahin tumsei never said anything to u
ikrar jo tum kar paateif you had accpeted
to door kabhi na jaatethen you would never have gone away from me
koi samjhe na per parayeno one will understand the pain of others
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