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Tumhaare bagair jeena kyaWhat is life without you
Jeene ka khwaab bhi nahi dekh saktai can't even see the dream of living without you
saanson ke bina shayad kuch pal main je sakta hoonmay be i can live a few seconds without breath
lekin tumhaare bina nahibut not without you
tum, haan tum woh pehli ladki ho jise main zindagi se badh kar chaahne laga hoonyou, yes you are that first girl who i've started loving even more than my life
mera aaj mera kal, mere din mere pal sirf tumhaare dum se hainmy today my tomorrow, my days my seconds are only because of you
meri pooja mein, meri duaon meinin my worship, in my prayers
meri khamoshiyon mein, meri sadaon meinin my silence, in my echo
sirf tum ho, sirf tumthere is only you, only you
taarein tooth jayenge, chand bujh jayegathe stars will break, the moon will turn off
waqt yehi teher jayega lekinthe time will stop right here but
lekin umed ki aakhri kiran bujhne takbut until the last ray of hope turns away
aakhri saans chalne tak main tumhaara raasta dekhoongauntil my last breath is there i'll look out for you
tumhaara intezaar karoongai'll wait for you
haan priya, main tumhaara intezaar karoongayes priya, i'll wait for you
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