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yaar mila tha saiyaan ik din yaar mila tha saiyaani come upon to a fellow/boyfriend one day, o my partner/husband
aankhon mein sapane, dil mein leke pyaar mila tha saiyaanhe met me with dreams in his eyes and love in his heart, oh my partner
kya main karati saiyaan baiyaan kya main karati saiyaanwhat should i have do then, my partner
teri yaad mein kitani sadiyaan aah bharati saiyaanin your memories for how many ages i would sigh, oh partner
are kuch toh sharam kar leti ab kya kahegi duniyayou must had little shame, now what the whole world will say
kyun usake sang ho li uss pipal ki chaiyaanwhy did you go for him, why you became a shadow of that pipal tree
socha nikal loon par pallu toh khincha jor sei thought to leave but the mantle was pulled heavily
bola sandesa hai laaya woh teri or seand said that he it has brought a message from you
haay dil ghaayal jakhmi jiyaan, kaise jiye ab tera piyasigh, with hurt heart how your partner will live now
maar diya dulhaniya tune maar diya dulhaniyayou killed me, oh bride
jite ji apane saiyaan ko maar diya dulhaniyayou made me die while living
yaar mila tha saiyaan ik din yaar mila tha saiyaanone day i come upon to a fellow/boyfriend, oh my partner/husband
hai kasoor kya mera bata na yun sata na, puri raat kati thiwhat's my fault tell me, don't tease me, i spent whole night
raah takati thi toh khafa ho gayi thi tu ya bewafawhen you were waiting for me, you were displeased with me or being unfaithful to me
ke panghat pe ghunghat ke bina ja baithi kaise tuhow without a veil you went and sat on the well
woh bhi mere binaand that without me
isi panghat pe jahaan jhat se pehali baar thaami thi teri maine kalaayion the same well i had hold your hand for the first time
harjaayi jahaan dhup se hum bache the, jahaan nache the apane kadamo dishonest, this is where we had hid ourselves from sun and where our feet were danced
aur besharam woh kalayi tu thamake aayi hatho me na jane kis khote keand you shameless, don't know in whose hands you given your hand
kis pote ke, mer hote se par sote sein which boy's, in my presence but when i was asleep
par tune hi use bheja na o o obut you send him
ke mera pyaar piya ko de jaanasaying that to give your love to me
yaar bulaaya saiyaan maine yaar bulaaya saiyaano partner, i have called the fellow/boyfriend
bhuli saari duniya jab ik baar bulaaya saiyaani forgot the whole world when i said oh partner
toh aa gale dulhaniya lag aa ja toh aa gale dulhaniyathen come to my embrace, oh bride
dekhake apani yaari duniya laakh jale dulhaniyalet the world to feel jealous at seeing our love
yaar bulaaya saiyaan, lag ja aa gale dulhaniyai have called my lover, come to my embrace oh bride
bhuli saari duniya duniya laakh jale dulhaniyai forgot the whole, let the world feel jealous
are tere wafa ke kisse ab ga rahi hai duniyanow the whole world is singing the songs of your faithfulness
har maan kahe bete se la aisi dulhaniyaevery mother is saying to her son that bring such bride home
haay dil ghaayal jakhmi jiyaanmy heart is wounded and so is my life
jiye bas jiye ab mera piyai wish long life to my partner
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