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yeh kya hua kaise hua kab hua kyon huawhat is this that happened when did it happen why did it happen
jab hua tab huawhen it happened it happened
o chhoro yeh na socho yeh kya hualet it go don t think about what happened
ham kyon shikva karen jhutha kya hua jo dil tutawhy should i complain was what happened false which broke my heart
shishe ka khilauna tha kuchh na kuchh to hona tha huait was a plaything of glass something or other had to happen and it happened
hamne jo dekha tha suna tha kya bataen voh kya thawhat i saw what i heard how can i explain what it was
sapna salona tha khatm to hona tha huait was a savorous dream it had to end and it happened
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