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yeh taara woh taara har taarathis star, that star, every star
dekho jise bhi lage pyaarawhichever one you see looks lovely
yeh taara woh taara har taarathis star, that star, every star
ye sab saath mein jo hain raat meinwhen all these gather together in the night,
toh jagmagaaye aasmaan saarathe whole sky shimmers
jagmag taare do taare nau taare sau taareshimmering stars, two stars, nine stars, a hundred stars!
jagmag saare har taara hai sharaarathey glitter as one, but each is a separate spark
tumne dekhi hai dhanak toif you have seen a rainbow,
bolo rang kitne hainthen tell me how many colors there are in it?
saat rang kahane kothere are seven colors to speak of,
phir bhi sang kitne hainbut they're so closely associated,
samjho sabse pahale tojust think,
rang hote akele toif these colors all dwelt separately,
indradhanush banta hi nahinhow would a rainbow ever form?
ek na hum ho paaye tolikewise, if we couldn't manage to unite
anyaay se larne koto fight injustice,
hogi koi janta hi nahinthen our people would not be a nation
phir na kahana nirbal hai kyon haaraso don't ask why we are so weak and defeated!
taara taarastars, stars,
yeh taara woh taarathis star, that star
bund bund milne se banta ek dariya haiindividual drops, by joining together, make a river
bund bund saagar hai varna yeh saagar kya haievery drop makes the sea, otherwise what is a sea?
samjho is paheli ko bund ho akeli tounderstand this puzzle: a drop existing on its own,
ek bund jaise kuch bhi nahinjust as a drop, isn't anything
ham auron ko chore to munh sabse hi morein towere we to forsake others and turn away from everyone,
tanha rah na jaaye dekho hum kahinthen we would end up feeling incredibly lonely
kyon na milke banein ham dhaarawhy don't we join together and become a current?
hmtaara taarastar star
yeh taara woh taarathis star, that star
jo kisaan hal sambhaalethe farmer who ploughs the land
dharti sona hi ugaayebrings forth gold from the earth
jo gauwaala gaiya paalethe cowherd who tends to the cattle
dudh ki nadi bahaayeis rewarded with a river of milk
jo lohaar loha dhaalethe blacksmith who shapes the iron,
har auzaar dhal jaayeevery tool of his shines!
mitti jo kumhaar utha lethe potter who shapes the clay
mitti pyaala ban jaayefor him, the clay becomes a pot
sab yeh rup hai mehanat keall these are faces of labor,
kuch karne ki chaahat kea desire to do something
kisi ka kisi se koi bair nahinno one has enmity with anyone else,
sab ke ek hi sapne hainall have the same dreams,
socho to sab apne hainall are the same
koi bhi kisise yahaan gair nahinno one is a stranger to another
sidhi baat hai samjho yaarathis is a simple matter, understand, my friend
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